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About restaurant

Louisiana Restaurant is a place created with a passion for food and cooking. We serve Creole food, which combines the best aspects of French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, African and Caribbean cuisines. You will find here dishes like Eggplant Piroque Creole, Etouffee with crayfish, Po-Boy's and more traditional dishes like burgers and steaks, but in the Creole version. We are proud of the quality and freshness of our products that are carefully selected from our trusted suppliers.

Louisiana Restaurant offers 35 seats in two cozy rooms. The interior design and good music makes you feel the atmosphere of one of the most interesting places in the world - New Orleans.

Our "alert" crew offers the highest quality of service and is always ready to help in the selection of courses and information about the ingredients.

Enjoy a delicious lunch and a memorable dinner.

Want to taste the flavor of the Creole cuisine? Step inside the Luizjana Restaurant in Toruń, a place created from passion for cooking, eating and curiosity of the culinary world. Join us at the historic center of Toruń (at 10/1 Mostowa Street) for appetizing lunches, dinners and suppers in ambient interiors and by vibrant New Orleans' music.

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